About ACES 4 Hire

Accountability, Commitment, Experience, Support

ACES 4 Hire is a full-service consulting firm serving clients throughout the United States. From troubleshooting and problem-solving to business enhancement and maintenance, we pride ourselves on prioritizing client needs, and fulfilling them beyond expectations. We address your requests, on your schedule, within your budget – providing real-time solutions to real-life challenges in your business environment.

Our mission is to deliver excellent service at reasonable prices. We are advocates for the growing small to midsized business. Our entire team takes great pride in empowering companies to grow and thrive through the development of creative business technology solutions.

CEO, Marc Hansche

Marc Hansche

ACES For Hire was founded by CEO Marc Hansche, a respected software development consultant and specialist in user interface design.

Hansche spent over a decade working in the broadcast & entertainment industry creating mission critical applications for clients such as Fox Sports, The Academy Awards, U2, Madonna, and Paramount Theme Parks. These were applications used to coordinate and control video & audiovisual effects for live television and stage performances. Due to the nature of the business, the applications had to be bulletproof as there were no “second takes”.

He was also one of the chief design architects of an automation system created to manage and playback all on-air programming for cable and broadcast stations. That system has been used in many countries throughout the world.

Hansche was also part of a team that created a linear editor to help Philips Broadcast Division package their products for market. In addition, the team created a non-linear editor for the roll-out of the Philips’ flagship Media Pool media server product.

“I had spent several years working for companies that wanted to create the next widget. However, most became consulting firms against their will just to pay the bills. I am not an inventor, what I am is a problem solver. So a consulting firm was exactly what suited my personality and talents. ACES is the perfect fit for me.” says Hansche.

The Right Tool for the Job

Having worked with many top-notch programmers over the years, he saw an opportunity to gather a group of experts who would be able to pool their knowledge and come up with the best solution for the task at hand, rather than trying to force a solution to fit within a limited skillset. This gives ACES the ability to compete against much larger companies in a very competitive market. Over the years, Hansche has developed a network of professionals who are experts in their field of expertise. Less overhead and beauracracy translates to a cost savings to the client.

The company has evolved naturally into a premiere website development company as the Internet has become an integral part of today’s business. When your problem demands a complex solution that functions with precision we are your ACES for Hire.

Contact us today to learn how ACES can help your business rise above its challenges and improve your bottom line.