Fixing Group 3 Fax Resolution in iTextSharp

A client was having problems with attachments that we were sending out from their system. They receive faxes from their customers with authorizations that they need to, in turn, send out to doctor’s offices to obtain information.

The original files are in tiff format and typically faxed to them. Faxes arrive in either CCITT Group 3 or Group 4 fax format. We convert these tiff files to pdf using iTextSharp prior to processing them via fax, print or email (sent as ...

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How to write a blog post in less than 20 minutes

One of the most difficult aspects of business blogging is to properly balance quality with other business considerations like speed, return on effort, and return on investment. In many cases, one of these considerations will take higher priority over the others. It doesn’t have to be that way. The great thing about blogging is that you can focus on one topic and go deep. You can also be very episodic. You don’t have to eat the whole enchilada in one ...

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Don’t go overboard with your fear of Penguin penalties

Google Penguin penaltiesGoogle Penguin really caught the SEO world flat-footed. Overnight, a lot of online business empires started to crumble; thanks to this dreaded update. By tightening up its expectations regarding backlink quality, Google really put the fear in the hearts of many online entrepreneurs regarding
how they should link to other websites. After Penguin dropped and the initial carnage cleared up, ...

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So You Get Traffic From Social Media, Now What?

social mediaIt’s almost funny how many online marketers try to talk up social media. This blog post is not intended to minimize the traffic potential of social media platforms like Facebook groups, Twitter, Google+, and others. Instead, I would like to focus your attention on the proper use of social media traffic.

A lot of the marketing books out there that talk ...

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