5 Tips for Cracking the Code of Organic Video SEO

Clearly, SEO is all about consistency, perseverance and commitment to quality. Many business owners and marketers are beginning to truly master the art of producing high quality content, but only a few have cracked the code for creating organic video SEO. If you plan to utilize video content for your marketing strategies, it’s critical that you get maximum exposure from your efforts as exposure is equivalent to good search engine ranking potential. Here are five solid tips you can follow to make the most of video SEO. Video Marketing. Wordcloud Concept.

Tip 1: Create customer-centric video content

Every business owner wants to know their core customers. If you are a marketer and you are armed with information about your customers who are integral to your business, you will have a solid idea of what content your customers want that draw them to your site and encourage them to make actionable decisions.

When you have your core customers in mind, you are bound to produce intriguing, valuable content, something unique and original or it only adds to the mounting digital clutter. Quality content doesn’t have to cost more than mediocre content. In fact, many videos that went viral were pretty amateurish and cheaply made. It often takes creativity and commitment to create quality content, but not necessarily a bigger budget. Discussing core issues your customers are facing and offering a solution to ease the situation can be very economical, yet extremely powerful.

Tip 2: Lead Viewers to Your Goals through Clever Calls to Action

What good could come to your video content if it becomes a dead end for your viewers? In every piece of content you produce, make sure to include a level of interactivity that encourages them to take that next step down your sales funnel. Be it viewing another video, accessing your blog post, or making a purchase, Calls to Action should tie up all your marketing efforts and requests discreetly yet effectively so you will never have to miss a single conversion opportunity.

Tip 3: Host Your Video on Your Business Domain

This doesn’t mean you should abandon Youtube and other video sharing sites, but hosting your own video via your business domain can do wonders to your SEO. These are great sites, but don’t rely on them as the sole destination for your video content.

Use an online video platform as you create your video library. Keep them in a subdomain of your main URL and, using sites like Vimeo or Youtube, embed the videos on your website. By doing this, you are giving away your SEO talisman to the big dogs. But since you own the content, you deserve the credits and the boost.

Tip 4: Choose the Right Social Networks and Use Them Wisely

It can’t be argued that when it comes to video sharing, Youtube leads the pack. Although you are strongly encouraged to host your own videos, again, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep a well-maintained Youtube account.

Social networks are a place to meet and connect with new customers, and groom the relationship through continued conversation. Use your Youtube channel to funnel viewers to your website’s video library and to influence them into taking more aggressive steps to meet your end goals. This the best way to utilize YouTube and other similar video sharing sites.

Tip 5: Never Forget the Transcripts

Forgetting to include a transcript of the video is tantamount to saying NO!” to a major SEO bonus. In addition to having a live content, videos that have transcripts are a windfall to SEO. Transcripts are often an overlooked tactic that many marketers neglect to incorporate into their content marketing programs.

Transcripts are extremely useful for visitors who would rather read than watch. You can also use them in articles and blog posts to induce excitement about the actual video content. The uses for transcripts are exceptionally varied that marketers and business owners should not dismiss their power to influence rankings and drive traffic to a business site. You can add transcripts directly to your video landing page’s HTML.

Do yo have other savvy advice on how to create viral video content and kick-off SEO? We’d love to hear them!