Beginning Web Development

Website Under Construction - 3DThe task of designing one’s own web page can seem daunting for individuals who are new to web development and design. However, a variety of tools are available for the novice programmer to allow for rapid and effective website management with minimal time and financial investment.

The modern online world can be a daunting environment for individuals braving the technological elements for the first time. However, web development and design need not be sources of fear. Understanding some of the most basic elements of web development can help to alleviate concerns and elucidate some of the more difficult online concepts.

At its most basic level, what is web development? The internet is a vast system of interconnected points that connect millions of websites to one another through an intricately designed map. Each element of every website, too, is contained somewhere within the information held on the world wide web. Every picture, word, movie clip or address is created, stored and filed away in the master knowledge base of the internet. However, the elements that are categorized and stored online need to have originated from a human programmer who creates the picture or movie and then brings it to life online. Web development, then, allows even novice computer users the ability to design and publish various web elements.

What do I need to know to begin developing web pages? The answer to this complex question can vary depending on one’s experience and comfort level with online programming languages. More experienced users, for example, may rely on web development that uses some of the worlds most advanced language tools while more novice individuals may choose to conduct their programming in HTML.

HTML, which stands for hypertext markup language, is a common language used online to assist in the creation and development of web pages. Considered by many modern programmers to be somewhat of a cumbersome programming tool, HTML nonetheless can be used effectively as a training tool on how to quickly get a web page published online. Granted, several new programs and dozens of modern languages have arisen to address the initial functional needs inherent in HTML. However, the sheer transparency with which it approaches computer programming forces novice designers to internalize the interrelatedness of online elements. Therefore, HTML remains a popular programming language for less experienced students of web development. Programmers interested in learning how to use HTML can consider reading one of the myriad of books, newsletters or online sites that cater to the knowledge transfer of HTML coding.

Modern web development relies on the use of computer languages to build creative and complex websites. However, novice web developers often feel as though they face a daunting task when approaching their first programming experience. However, by utilizing the tool of HTML code, web developers-regardless of experience level-can utilize elements of design and simplicity to create a visually attractive website and comprehensive online experience.