Business: The E-WAY

e-Commerce is the latest wave in the arena of technological expertise, which is principally aimed at the global consumers and is the most effective tool for the production houses and franchisees to create a vast pool of “real-buyers” online. Although the companies and the franchisees are the greatest beneficiaries as they can easily open their online shops without any need to eye that “prime real estate” property, but in effect even the consumers are spared the trouble of getting caught in the traffic snarls, hours of marketing and long lines at the bank as they can easily buy anything with the click of their mouse, sitting comfortably in front of their PCs. In other words e-Commerce is electronically transacted business via Internet.

Cashing in on this smart business are software and Internet solution companies, who are independently developing hi-tech applications to smooth the rough edges of e-Commerce transactions. The three most essential components of e-Commerce are: 1) a merchant account, 2) an online shopping cart and 3) a payment gateway. The first allows the selling company to accept credit card transactions from the prospective customer. The shopping cart is a vehicle that enables the company to; procure the ordering information from the customer; verify via email to the customer that the order has concluded successfully; deliver the notification and ordering information to the seller. The more information the shopping cart can collect, the wider its application will be. A payment gateway helps the company to deliver the collected money to the bank account. This can be done in the way similar to how retail stores conduct business with credit cards; or by existing Internet software that allows the company to deposit the transaction over Internet by filling in an online form. Or in the third possible way, the shopping cart interfaces with the real-time credit processing company to complete the transaction. This operation takes place automatically as the customer is placing the order. This method informs both the consumer and the company whether the credit card account has the sufficient amount for the transaction to take place.

The software companies that develop the technology required for the implementation of the cutting edge e-Commerce providers are coming up with innovations to make the web sites user friendly and far easier to navigate. The latest technology offers page/site hosting, merchant gateway and shopping cart in one complete package. In addition, they write software that even enables international buyers to view the price of the objects in their own currency, helps the companies to promote their sites as a public store, or a secured password protected private store and even as a public store offering “private dealer pricing”. Automatic computation of shipping charges, handling if required, catalogue development tool, cart with built in inventory tracking and streamlined E-cart employing the standard secure socket layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption are the “must haves” for an e-Commerce software solution.

Along with all these special features one must have a customized well designed web site to keep the consumer involved and interested once they reach the site. The consumer needs an e-Commerce site to be meaningful, efficient, and packed with interactive elements that let them tell you exactly what they want. ACES is capable of integrating all the right ingredients to make your e-Commerce web site a slick and successful “Super Store”.