10 Best Ways to Prepare Video Content

Well, who doesn’t love top 10 lists?

filmVideo content is a powerful component in marketing campaigns. It can help generate positive ROIs and drive engagement. But companies and brands that lack the resources or bandwidth may find producing the right video content a bit prohibitive. If you are a company looking for the kind of content that will embody your image and goals that’s within your budget, stock ...

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Organic Search Engine Results vs. Pay Per Click Advertising

word cloud - semOne of the most important decisions facing online companies rests in deciding how to allocate minimal marketing funds. Inevitably, startups need to determine whether organic search engine results or pay per click advertising will prove more beneficial to their bottom line.

Given the relatively small budgets with which online startups typically operate, deciding how to spend ...

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Image Makeover – The Corporate Way

There is a fundamental difference between the concepts of corporate identity, brand identity and brand image. Corporate identity is the visual aspect of a company and although the corporate identity should ideally ristrutturazioneevolve with time, a change does not mean a change in brand value. Change of the corporate identity is inevitable because the company must reflect that it is concerned with its appearance and is modernizing with respect ...

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