Pinterest for Business: A New Shift for the Social Entrepreneur

Social media is now considered the most popular method of enhancing I love pin + interestbusiness online profiles and creating brand awareness. The latest addition in the social block to find favor is Pinterest, a great platform for sharing pictures and videos. Although still relatively young, Pinterest is slowly gaining popularity among many marketers as they realize that, ...

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Document Management Systems Promote Effective Organization

A document management system is critical to ensure that important contracts, invoices and other legal notices are managed properly within a business setting. Whether a company receives hard or soft copies of these forms, an online document management system must be in place to coordinate the storage and security of these sensitive materials.

Document management defined is merely a system that converts paper documents into document images for storage onto a hard drive or server. However, document imaging programs have become ...

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Document Imaging Simplifies Your Archiving Needs

Instead of filing all your documents away in bulky cabinets, use document imaging to easily copy and keep all your important papers secure. Document imaging is quickly becoming the storage option of choice for thousands of businesses around the globe due to its low cost and overhead requirements.

Document imaging is the practice of scanning documents into a safe storage system on your computer. It is easy to access the images of your documents within seconds by keeping the ...

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