What is Link Building and Link Popularity?

Link popularity refers to the number and quality of the incoming links that are pointing to your site. Search engines use link popularity as one of the methods to determine the ranking of sites. If more sites link to your site, the search engine is likely to rate your site higher on the results of a particular search than other similar sites. However, the engines don’t want links that have been artificially increased, so there are no easy ways to ...

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Writing Skills

In the modern competitive world, copywriters have evolved from being mere wordsmiths to some of the most innovative salesmen. Copywriters can build or ruin a brand on the basis of their crafts with words. Their phrases and keywords comprised of Meta tags arouse the curiosity of customers, answer questions, lay all suspicion to rest, and finally, weave a certain image which will ensure the sustainability of the brand in the marketplace. The first impression, good or bad, stays with the ...

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