So You Get Traffic From Social Media, Now What?

social mediaIt’s almost funny how many online marketers try to talk up social media. This blog post is not intended to minimize the traffic potential of social media platforms like Facebook groups, Twitter, Google+, and others. Instead, I would like to focus your attention on the proper use of social media traffic.

A lot of the marketing books out there that talk ...

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How Do You Know You Are Doing A Good Job With Social Media Marketing?

The whole concept of measuring social media marketing success is a very old question. In fact, you can tell which marketer knows what he or she is doing based on his or her answer to this question.

The correct answer really is all about building brand awareness with the right people. That is the right answer.

Can you get traffic? Sure. Can you increase your clout score? Absolutely. Can you get a lot of re-tweets and shares and measure that way? Yes. ...

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What Benefits Can You Really Get From Social Media “Signals”?

First, let me get the bad news out of the way. Social media signals, whether in the form of social media shares on Facebook, re-tweets, favorites, Google+ postings, +1s, are not going to give you any SEO benefits. Google is on the record as saying that it doesn’t factor in these signals in how to rank your web page or website for your target keywords. Let’s get that out of the way.

With that said, your website can still benefit from ...

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