Social Bookmarking Versus Blogging

What does social bookmarking have in common with blogging? In what ways are they alike? The good news about these two methods of generating traffic is that they aren’t mutually exclusive. They don’t compete with each other so if you pursue one, it doesn’t mean you have to give the other one up. Here is a quick breakdown of what these trafficBlogging vs Bookmarking methods are, what they have ...

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Tame the Viral Threat

S-o-B-i-g, M-y-D-o-o-m, Love Bug- these are the viruses who have in the past wrecked havoc all over the world as giant multinationals and common people alike helplessly witnessed their email system getting clogged, files disappearing without leaving a trace and computers shutting down with a hiccup. The ingenuity and the rapidity of the actions of these viruses often leave people momentarily stunned. Each such attack raises a wave of questions as the computer gurus work out possible measures ...

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SQL Server Programming Offers Comprehensive Database Solutions

Microsoft’s SQL server programming offers relational database management techniques for modern technologists. Given its flexibility and comprehensive functionality, small businesses and large corporations rely on SQL Server for much of their data warehousing requirements.SQL, Datenbank, 3D, Kugel, Internet, Webdesign, Programmierung

Sybase SQL Server’s code-base originated from Microsoft’s SQL server programming language. Since its original release in 1989, Microsoft’s ...

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PHP programming – Simple Origins, Complex Uses

PHP programming provides computer programmers with a great deal of freedom when creating interesting and creative web pages. Its simple functionality allows for rapid change management and its interactivity ensures that the program can be utilized for a variety of applications.

PHP programming language is used to design server side applications and dynamic websites. The PHP in PHP programming stands for Hypertext Preprocesser or Personal Home Page tools. The program actually originated in 1994 when Rasmus Lerdorf posted his resume online ...

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DOT NET Programming Supports Creativity Online

DOT NET programming is a software development platform. It helps the creative programmer design applications quickly while ensuring an independence and transparency in the end product.

With roots derived from the original versions of Java, DOT NET programming was developed by Microsoft to assist programmers with creative designs and functionality. Though Microsoft had initially envisioned launching the original program via Sun, the company dropped out of a technological partnership created by the programming expert in 1998 and took its proprietary program ...

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LAN Design and Installation

A LAN (local area network) is of paramount importance in any technological or administrative organization. The network connects computers, word processors and other electronic office equipment to create a communication system between offices. It is a centralized and integrated system for exchanging information in the form of files or documents.

As a stepping-stone to implement a wireless or otherwise LAN network, ACES spends time to analyzing the requirements of the user and the specific applications, the capacity to interface with existing ...

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Flash Your Site

Since the launch of Macromedia Flash in the mid-90s, it has become an indispensable tool for creating and deploying multimedia content. The Smartsketch 95 from Future Wave has come a long way from being a quasi Windows Paintbrush tool producing simple cartoon like images, to emerge as Flash, the best possible software to produce animation. The vector efficiency has been a crucial element ensuring that animations can be delivered even over the slowest modem. It is the key ...

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Fight The Enemy With Fire

A firewall is a security apparatus which prevents unauthorized users from accessing a computer network and monitors transmission of information into and out of a Firewallnetwork. It is the most essential tool to curb viruses and worms, and it clamps down on the amount of unwanted spam received by the network’s clients. Service providers generally offer the ‘Stateful Inspection’ mode ...

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Document Management Systems Promote Effective Organization

A document management system is critical to ensure that important contracts, invoices and other legal notices are managed properly within a business setting. Whether a company receives hard or soft copies of these forms, an online document management system must be in place to coordinate the storage and security of these sensitive materials.

Document management defined is merely a system that converts paper documents into document images for storage onto a hard drive or server. However, document imaging programs have become ...

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Document Imaging Simplifies Your Archiving Needs

Instead of filing all your documents away in bulky cabinets, use document imaging to easily copy and keep all your important papers secure. Document imaging is quickly becoming the storage option of choice for thousands of businesses around the globe due to its low cost and overhead requirements.

Document imaging is the practice of scanning documents into a safe storage system on your computer. It is easy to access the images of your documents within seconds by keeping the ...

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