Use Topsy to Find Your Competitors’ Top Content Promoters

People share content on Twitter. And, they share content a lot.

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The main reason they do this is to build credibility. People in your niche know that if they share information from many different sources, they look more credible to their followers.

The wide range of niche-specific content they share on their feeds make them look authoritative and knowledgeable. These wannabe ‘influence leaders’ have strong personal ...

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Why Businesses Should Integrate Social Media into Their Marketing Mix

Less than 10 years ago, we were dependent on traditional media (radio, newspapers, television) and traditional vehicles (email and telephone) to gather, create, and share information about products, services, businesses, organizations, events, and news. Today, we rely on Social Media to do that.Social media

What is Social Media?

Like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Youtube, and blogs, Social ...

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Pinterest for Business: A New Shift for the Social Entrepreneur

Social media is now considered the most popular method of enhancing I love pin + interestbusiness online profiles and creating brand awareness. The latest addition in the social block to find favor is Pinterest, a great platform for sharing pictures and videos. Although still relatively young, Pinterest is slowly gaining popularity among many marketers as they realize that, ...

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