Fashioning The Right Web Design

Website template on multiple devicesA website is the result of a certain vision which is aimed at establishing the right identity for a company, foundation, institution, or even an individual. Web design projects are created from scratch using aesthetic visual appeal, cross-browser compatibility, and search engine friendliness. If portrayed properly, the site reflects the client’s persona or characteristics and in turn ...

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Beginning Web Development

Website Under Construction - 3DThe task of designing one’s own web page can seem daunting for individuals who are new to web development and design. However, a variety of tools are available for the novice programmer to allow for rapid and effective website management with minimal time and financial investment.

The modern online world can be a daunting environment ...

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Flash Your Site

Since the launch of Macromedia Flash in the mid-90s, it has become an indispensable tool for creating and deploying multimedia content. The Smartsketch 95 from Future Wave has come a long way from being a quasi Windows Paintbrush tool producing simple cartoon like images, to emerge as Flash, the best possible software to produce animation. The vector efficiency has been a crucial element ensuring that animations can be delivered even over the slowest modem. It is the key ...

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Creating Effective e-Commerce Web Development

Actively managing your e-Commerce web development is a critical component of any successful online operation. By making the e-Commerce aspect of your website simple to use, easy to navigate, and quick to load, you help ensure a positive customer experience which benefits both your clients and your bottom line.

When launching an online business strategy, pay careful attention to the development of your e-Commerce website. Because this area of your business embodies a high touch with your client, this is not ...

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Writing Skills

In the modern competitive world, copywriters have evolved from being mere wordsmiths to some of the most innovative salesmen. Copywriters can build or ruin a brand on the basis of their crafts with words. Their phrases and keywords comprised of Meta tags arouse the curiosity of customers, answer questions, lay all suspicion to rest, and finally, weave a certain image which will ensure the sustainability of the brand in the marketplace. The first impression, good or bad, stays with the ...

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Website CMS, Keeping Your Website Fresh!

A Website Content Management System (CMS) is typically a web-based application, commonly used for online publishing. Do you own a weblog, a news site, or simply any category of webpage that requires you to add and edit your content regularly? If your answer is yes, installing a CMS onto your server would be the way to make organizing your web content a breeze.

Content management systems are made to ease the maintenance of your website, making it simple for authors or ...

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