Crowd Sourcing via Web 2.0

In 2004 to 2005, we witnessed the rise of a social era that has facilitated a new level of content creation, syndication, information-sharing and social interaction through a wide and varied range of web applications. In less than a decade, social media has changed the way businesses interact and engage with customers. Today, consumers want to discover asCrowd Sourcing opposed to being told. It is now a multi-player system of interaction, and marketing rules rely on collective and thoughtful engagement rather than on a one-way conversation.

For the mass public, social media revolution means freedom to express opinions and sentiments. For businesses, it poses a threat since they can no longer control what people say about their brands. Consumers have the tools, the desire and the time to get involved in a deeper level. More than ever, businesses must learn to listen, participate, interact and build online marketing campaigns using social media tools.

Seeing the wealth of opportunities found in building a community of followers and fans, brands are now leveraging the power of the crowd. Crowd sourcing is outsourcing a particular role or job that should have been performed by a designated group of people or employee to a mass of undefined crowd in the public. Crowd sourcing, if done right, can be a catalyst in achieving social engagement and activation.

How Crowd Sourcing Can Benefit Your Brand

Use the crowd as advocates

As the relationship evolves between the brand and its social community, they become closer, the relations and interactions become more complimentary – each giving and taking equally and fairly. Brands can then easily turn their community into advocates promoting a corporate message in a large scale.

Use the crowd as your defense against negativity

With the explosion of social media hype, also comes the risk of negative reviews spreading across social media networks. Negativity is something many companies fear in the social world. Since businesses have no control over what their community can and will say about their brands, negative feedback is inevitable. If there are not enough hands in your company to handle detractors and publicity, crowd sourcing can be the perfect solution. Satisfied customers will come to your defense and help you settle the case, even without you knowing it.

Use the crowd as a 3rd party independent voice

Crowd sourcing, most of all, has the added benefit of being persuasive, credible and reliable since it is the voice of an independent party distinct and separate from the company. In social networks, fans and followers have the tendency to tell the truth. Remember that word-of-mouth travels fast and reaches even farther. As long as it is a positive truth about your brand, crowd sourcing can offer the most powerful impact to your marketing campaigns.

Social media is now the new way to socially engage and activate consumers. Connect with the crowd through social media and get your customers talking.  Collective intelligence differs to a great extent based on who is connected to whom and how. If there is disconnect between the company and its consumers, the organizational intelligence will suffer. As much as possible, grab your place in the social world, outsource from your crowd, build interactions and relations to achieve the best result from your marketing campaigns.