Don’t go overboard with your fear of Penguin penalties

Google Penguin penaltiesGoogle Penguin really caught the SEO world flat-footed. Overnight, a lot of online business empires started to crumble; thanks to this dreaded update. By tightening up its expectations regarding backlink quality, Google really put the fear in the hearts of many online entrepreneurs regarding
how they should link to other websites. After Penguin dropped and the initial carnage cleared up, many online publishers thought it was back to business as usual. As a result, people started building backlinks again instead of earning those backlinks. The primary method of building backlinks after Penguin was through guest blog posts. People would offer a free blog post in exchange for a backlink to a website that might not be related to the topic of the post. This reached fever pitch up until the MyBlogGuest case.

The sad case of MyBlogGuest

MyBlogGuest was a free platform that allowed people to trade guest posting opportunities. On the whole, this was a neutral platform. It was built with a sincere intention of making it easier for busy bloggers get quality content for their blogs and for writers of blog posts to get backlinks. It was intended to be a win-win situation. Google saw the whole system in a completely different light. Google thought that it was basically a link manipulation scheme. Accordingly, Google banned MyBlogGuest. All those websites that got links through exchanges at MyBlogGuest got penalized. It was really ugly. Due to the severity of the MyBlogGuest case, people are now becoming very, very reluctant to link to other websites.

People are going overboard with links on guest post

Make no mistake about it, guest posts are still being published. Guest posts are still being invited. However, the links on those guest posts no longer take the same form as MyBlogGuest posts. Instead of an anchored text, you have a direct link to the URL. This makes for ugly formatting, this makes for very awkward reading. Unfortunately, people are basically losing their heads over the possibility of being penalized for publishing guest posts. The good news is that you don’t have to get paranoid when publishing guest post or offering up guest post. Keep reading below.

Brand links are fine

As mentioned above, some people are fearful of being penalized by Google Penguin that they have basically restricted their blog guest post to link to direct URLs. These links are hard on the eyes. These links might even erode your brand because they look so clunky. The good news is brand links are fine. In other words, you use the actual name of the website as the anchored text. If your website is called Dave’s Fishing Supply Shop, use that. As long as you are moderate about this and then you don’t spam it and repeat your brand a ridiculous number of times, you should be fine. Google is looking for natural links and nothing is more natural than mentioning your brand every once in a while in a guest post. Just don’t go overboard with a brand link mentions. There’s no need to fear Penguin penalties and insisting on direct URL links. Mix things up by using brand links from time to time. Just don’t get too crazy with it.