Don’t Waste Your Money on Outsourced Social Media “Signals” SEO Services

One hundred dollars in fire, burning dollar, ashesThere’s a lot of SEO myths floating around on the internet. One of the hardest to kill myths out there is the whole idea that Google is somehow factoring in social media mentions and social media mentions in how to rank your webpage for a particular keyword.

This gets a lot of people excited, because social media, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, is actually pretty easy to manipulate. People get excited because they think that as long as their content gets published in social media and gets enough Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Twitter re-tweets, and Google +1s, these can all translate to search engine results. This isn’t true. It’s a myth.

Google is saying that social media signals are not factored by Google at all. This may seem like a little bit of a letdown; however, that is the reality based on Google’s public announcements.

Of course, this might not necessarily last forever. Notice that before Google Penguin rolled out, Google was emphatic that links pointing to your website won’t harm you. What will harm you is how you link out from your website. With Penguin, Google flip-flopped on the policy. Now, you can be penalized based on the links pointing to you, as well as links pointing out from your website. Who’s to say that Google won’t flip-flop on their policy regarding social media signals?

Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid social media signal services. All of these are a waste of money, unless they deliver real, direct traffic.

Avoid Mass Blasts

Many of these services simply provide a mass blast service. They just take your URL, and they use software to blast your URL on social media platforms. Basically, they’re just sending out your URL into the void. There is no audience selection, there is no niche targeting; they just basically spread your URL on social media. They are essentially spamming.

Avoid Obvious ‘bot’ Accounts

Many of these social media signal providers would say, we can send your link to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ members. What they’re telling you is that the vast majority of these accounts are actually robot accounts. They basically use software to create these accounts and these accounts don’t really do anything. They just lie there. They are just there for statistical purposes.

Obviously, you are not going to get traffic from those accounts. Those accounts are not going to make your content viral.

Avoid Random Content Usage for Social Media “Signals”

Many of these social media signal boosting services simply take random posts from your blog, or your website, and then blast them to social media. There’s no quality control, there’s no content selection, there’s definitely no theme selection.

As a result, very few people assuming that they are hitting real people to begin with will click through. You basically wasted your money on these “signals”.

How to Leverage Social Media Signals To Produce Real Benefits

There is a way you can leverage social media signals to produce real benefits. However, to do this, you must avoid social media companies, and do it yourself. By joining the right groups, by paying attention to the niches you target on social media platforms, and engaging the right influence leaders, you can gain traction for your online brand. This takes time; it takes a lot of effort; and it takes a lot of focus.

Simply hiring a social media “signals” company to produce results for you is not going to cut it. If anything, they might help destroy your online brand.