DOT NET Programming Supports Creativity Online

DOT NET programming is a software development platform. It helps the creative programmer design applications quickly while ensuring an independence and transparency in the end product.

With roots derived from the original versions of Java, DOT NET programming was developed by Microsoft to assist programmers with creative designs and functionality. Though Microsoft had initially envisioned launching the original program via Sun, the company dropped out of a technological partnership created by the programming expert in 1998 and took its proprietary program (Microsoft J++ Java) to Colusa Software’s OmniVM where the new partnership created DOT NET programming which was released to consumers in 2002.

DOT NET programming provides programmers with innovative server and desktop tools to allow for rapid upgrades as technology relating to programming changes. Functionally, DOT NET programming allows technologists to design Internet and intranet applications using new functions which are added through a more traditional application programming interface. Thus, the program uses an object oriented toolkit but remains generic enough to be translatable to a number of computer languages or products. For example, one of the development tools available for use with DOT NET programming is Visual Studio DOT NET by Microsoft.

DOT NET programming consists of two parts. First, the DOT NET Framework Software Development Kit, which is a set of classes, interfaces, and supporting elements designed to work together to handle any of your development needs. DOT NET programming requires that the DOT NET Framework be installed on the system used to develop applications. The DOT NET Software Development Kit includes compilers for C++, C#, and Visual Basic. The second part of DOT NET programming is the Visual Studio which offers a set of programming tools like code editors, interface designers, and debuggers that make the job of creating DOT NET applications significantly easier.

DOT NET programming allows the programmer to use Web services more efficiently to handle tasks like building, utilizing, managing, and executing solutions guarded by security. Thus, businesses can integrate their systems more quickly and access their information from anywhere and at anytime.

DOT NET programming is integrated across the Microsoft platform and connects people to information, systems, services, and devices through reliable Microsoft technology. A powerful tool for design oriented programmers, DOT NET programming is an essential piece of any creative toolkit online.