Effective Social Media Outreach Is A Little Like Haiku

social outreach haikuHaiku is a Japanese poetic form that is renowned for its economy of text. We’re talking a very small amount of text, but it packs a lot of meaning. This is why haiku is very popular among poets. Considering how tight its rules are, it’s very easy to filter out great poets from mediocre ones. Haiku is all about packing in as much meaning into as little space as possible while maximizing impact. There’s a lot of artistry, strategy, planning, and thinking involved in haiku.

I’m mentioning haiku in this post regarding social media outreach, because your efforts at reaching influence leaders through social media channels must be motivated or inspired by haiku principles. You have to focus on the economy of text. You have to focus on maximizing impact.

You have to understand that influence leaders in your niche are very busy. They deal with lots of content over social media every single day. Did you know that over two million pieces of content are generated every single day? That’s a lot of content. That’s a lot of information. If you are on Twitter, you can see that it’s like a fire hydrant of data. It’s too easy to fail to make heads or tails of all that information coming in. If you apply haiku principles to your social media outreach, you can get more done and maximize your influence.

Quality over Volume

You don’t have to be a veteran of Twitter to know that there’s too much content being shared every single day. Regardless of which niche you are in, there is sure to be a river of content being shared. It’s like it never ends. The sad reality is that the vast majority of those materials being shared on Twitter don’t get read. In fact, most of the filtering happens at the headline level. People just share because of the title. They don’t have time to read the actual content.

This is why it’s very important to use haiku principles to make the quality of your social media outreach more prominent. People are tired of Top Ten lists. People are tired of same basic, generic, and formula-driven content. By applying short and sweet haiku principles to your social media outreach, your content can get noticed. If your content gets noticed, there’s a higher likelihood that you can truly engage the influence leaders you are trying to build credibility with.

Share to Maximize Influence

Haiku principles don’t work overnight. You have to keep at it even though you’re not getting many results at first. The whole point is to continuously fine-tune your headline writing skills so that you can establish loyalty with certain influence leaders in your niche. This doesn’t happen the first time you try it. In fact, after the first one hundred times you try it, it might still not happen. But, it is definitely worth doing because you have to stand out from the competition. There’s just so much background noise out there. Haiku can help you get noticed. You have to keep at it. You need to stick with it for the long haul.