“Fake It till You Make It” Doesn’t Work On Social Media

fake it till you make it social mediaAs I have written earlier, the proper of using social media for marketing purposes is to influence niche leaders. Social media is a great platform to reach out to influential people in your niche. This is the best way to use social media. Marketing this way enables your brand to benefit from existing brands on social media. When you get on the good side of influence leaders in your niche, they lend their credibility and authority to your brand. As a result, people that follow those people tend to gravitate towards your brand.

This is why it’s not a good idea to measure social media success in terms of direct traffic. Focus instead on brand awareness. Since brand awareness is the name of the game in social media, you have to understand that faking it until you make it is not the way to go. Influence marketing is built on a solid bedrock of knowing what you are talking about. Establishing a solid brand on social media with influence leaders in your niche involves building credibility with quality content and engagement.

Faking Credibility Is Not Going To Cut It

Faking credibility by buying fake members is not going to cut it. Faking credibility by using software that boosts the social media rankings of your profile is not going to cut it. You are not going to fool real influence leaders in your niche, because they can see right through you. They can see your credibility, or lack thereof, in the content that you choose to share. They see how well you know your stuff based on your engagement. Make no mistake about it. Social media is more transparent than you think.

Establish Credibility with a Solid Content Base First

The good news about establishing niche credibility with great content is that you don’t have to use your own content. You can use the best content produced by competing websites, related web sites, and other sources outside your own blog or website. The whole point of putting all these content in your social media screen is to show to anybody looking at your profile that you are very targeted in your interest. Also, it clues people in as to the depth of your interest in that niche. It’s really important to make sure that you only select the very best content from your niche.

Also, featuring the same stuff that everybody else posts is not going to cut. Even if this is the absolute best content in your niche, it is worthless if everybody already knows about it. You have to understand that one key metric of being an expert is rarity. In other words, you are able to pick out content, or produce content that has both high quality and rarity. Everybody and his dog isn’t blogging about that same topic, or haven’t featured that topic before.

Credibility Is Very Hard To Fake on Social Media

It is very easy to see who actual experts are and who are just faking it. In many cases, you might be able to fool some influence leaders in your niche at first, but guess what? They will probably not follow you for much longer if you only feature low-quality materials.