Four Reasons Why Micro-Outsourcing SEO Services Fails

Micorosourced SEO sucksThere are many micro-outsourcing platforms offering outsourced services to people looking for back links. These micro-outsourcing platforms can actually do your website more harm than good. Seriously.

If you order many of these micro-outsourcing SEO services, you can say goodbye to whatever rankings you currently have. Make no mistake about it. After Google Penguin rolled out, the name of the game in SEO is all about quality and natural-looking back link footprints. Unfortunately, these micro-outsourcing SEO services produce low-quality back links, and they are very far from natural-looking.

Here are the four reasons why you should avoid micro-outsourcing SEO services like the plague:

Reason Number One: They Focus On Old School Link Building, Not Link-Earning

After Google Penguin, Google has basically made it clear that SEO is all about earning links instead of building them. In other words, instead of simply filling out an online form or submitting an article or creating a profile to get a back link, you actually have to submit high-quality content to an editor to get it published.

In other words, Google is putting pressure on online publishers to build back links through high-quality editorial relationships. There has to be a lot of editorial control over the process of getting a back link for that back link to benefit you. Google is going towards this direction.

Unfortunately, many of the micro-outsourcing SEO services offered out there still use old school link-building techniques. They build links. They simply use software to fill out an online form, and out comes a link. If you are trying to fit that into your overall SEO efforts, you’re not going to have a happy ending. Seriously. Google Penguin has been cracking down on such practices.

Reason Number Two: No Drip-Feed

Many of these micro-outsourcing SEO services produce links using mass blasts. Some guy just fills out your information on software, clicks a button, and this massive blast of information is sent to all these websites. Then, all these links start popping up all over the place.

This is extremely unnatural. And as I mentioned earlier, Google is looking for a natural-looking back link footprint. If you’re using a link-building strategy that doesn’t have a drip-feed mechanism, you are creating very unnatural-looking back links.

Reason Number Three: No Customization

Another common complaint regarding the micro-outsourcing SEO services available for five dollars or less online is that fact that there’s no customization. They don’t pay attention to where the links are coming from; they don’t pay attention to how the links are made; they seem to use a one-size-fits-all strategy. Again, this results in an unnatural-looking back link footprint. Such a footprint can lead to a penalty from Google.

Reason Number Four: No Quality Control

The main reason why these micro-outsourcing services can offer SEO services for five dollars or less is the fact that there’s almost no manual labor involved. It’s not like somebody carefully looks at the links being generated. Instead, you have a person that is just inputting very basic information to a piece of software, and clicking a button. Since there is no quality control in such mass building methods, you can be sure that the quality is not going to be very good. At the very best, the results are unnatural links. At the very worst, you can get back links from very bad sources that Google has banned. Either way, it leads to a very unhappy situation.