Has SEO become a race to the bottom?

悩むビジネスマンWhether you run a start-up or own a thriving online property, your inbox has probably been hit at least more than twice by an SEO ‘agency’ making all sorts of promises regarding your rankings. And, to top it all off, they are offering to give you such near-miraculous results at rock bottom prices. If you’ve gotten such emails, don’t worry-you are hardly alone. The sad reality is that, judging from such spam and slightly less spammy ads on many webmaster forums, some segments of the SEO industry are engaged in a race to the bottom. Mind you, this rapid downward spiral plays out not just in terms of prices but in rankings after Penguin. Don’t get caught up in all the cheap promises and spammy assurances of quick rankings. The truth is that, given the pace and severity of the penalties Google has been throwing out recently like rice after a wedding, quality matters more than ever. Don’t get lured by the low prices and the promises of quick results-both the short-term and long-term health of the online brand you’ve worked so hard to build might be impacted negatively permanently.

Quick and dirty SEO is a thing of the past

Google has really done an amazing job with its updates to Google Penguin. Increasingly, Penguin has been able to sniff out and penalize low quality backlink footprints and low value backlink strategies. This is why the cheap SEO services being promoted via email spam can only lead the buyers of such cheap services into trouble. Whatever money you may have saved going with a cheap SEO provider would be more than offset by the amount of money you need to spend to repair your rankings-assuming you can repair them at all.

Contemporary SEO is all about link quality and long-term sustainability

The reason why many of these spammed SEO ‘services’ charge so little money is because they use SEO tactics that worked… five years ago. From simply filling out a form and getting a backlink to spinning articles and blasting them to many different automated article sites to ‘guest posts’ which are nothing more than keyword-stuffed junk articles posted on sites with no editorial filtering, these SEO ‘techniques’ are under increasing scrutiny nowadays. If your backlink footprint is infected by such links, at best you won’t get any benefits from them. At worst, you might get a manual penalty from Google. The stakes are that high!

Cheap SEO has become a race of the to bottom of rankings

Focus on more than low prices. You aren’t buying bottled water for your office, you are investing in your online brand, you are investing in your asset. Invest wisely and think about the long-term health of your brand.

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