How To Get Better SEO Social Media Outreach Results

SEO social media outreachMake no mistake about it. In 2014 and the coming years, SEO all boils down to one thing and one thing alone: outreach. The old days of simply filling out an online form and getting a back link really quickly, or submitting articles here and there to get back links are long past. If that’s still how you play your SEO game now, I strongly suggest you get with the program and start doing things differently.

The reality is that after Google Penguin rolled out, the back link generation has profoundly changed. If you want to make sure that your current rankings are maintained, or if you want to increase your search engine rankings, you have to adopt an outreach-based SEO strategy.

The most powerful tool that you can use to reach out to other websites so you can establish solid relationships that help your website’s SEO chances is social media. Through social networks and social media, it’s easier to establish enough authority and credibility to build lasting brand relationships.

The downside to all these, of course, is that there is a lot of competition. Since this is how SEO is being conducted in 2014 onwards, everybody and his dog, it seems, is trying to get on social media and to do outreach. How does your brand stand out from all the competition?

Create a Solid Bedrock Of Quality Content

Before you get on Twitter, before you start joining all sorts of Google+ communities, and before you start using linked-in groups, you have to build a solid bedrock of quality content first. In other words, you have to write content on your official blog that clearly, in no uncertain terms, establishes your credibility and authority in your niche.

If you neglect to do this, you are basically just presenting yourself as part of the crowd. Most people neglect to do this. This is why it’s very hard to find somebody to trust in any particular niche. You’re just another face in the crowd. You’re just another brand trying to make a name for itself.

Do yourself a favor by creating a solid bedrock of quality content first, so that you have something that you can bring to a table when you use social media channels for SEO outreach.

Define “Quality Content” Very Tightly

Before you do outreach, you have to have social media accounts that have been faithfully sharing high-quality content. This quality content may be written completely by your company or completely by you. Regardless, this content must be credible, it must build authority, and it must let anybody clicking your profile know that you know what you are talking about.

If you are in a particular industry, your content shares must function like your digital calling card. When people look at your content shares, they know quickly that you are paying attention to the industry, and you have access to certain information that is quite rare.

Another component to quality content, of course, is your blog posts. Make sure that they are credible, make sure that they build authority, and most importantly, they can easily be linked to, in order to support a wide range of claims related to your blog post.

By building a solid bedrock of quality content first, you can make social media outreach much easier for yourself. It is very hard to get from point A to point B if you don’t give yourself the proper vehicle to move your brand forward. Solid quality content does that.