How to Use Interviews to Get Higher Quality Back Links

Interview posts SEOAfter Google Penguin rolled out, it has gotten harder and harder to get back links. If you are looking to build back links in an ethical and clean way, it has really been a tough road to hoe. Seriously. In fact, it has gotten so tough that guest posting is under a lot of scrutiny by Google.

This should not be a surprise. Too many SEO professionals were just simply abusing the guest post format. People were using guest posts to build unrelated links. The only real surprise was that it took Google this long to start cracking down on the back link abuses taking place in the world of guest posts.

Unfortunately, guest posting was also a very effective way of building quality back links. So, what is a good replacement for this particular back link strategy?

The good news is that you can use interviews to increase the amount and quality of your back links. It can lead to a solid back link footprint. Here’s how to do it:

Find Hot Up and Coming Niche Influence Leaders

Every niche is composed of three people. The first group is the people who dominate that niche. These are influence leaders. Unfortunately, there are only a few of them.

Just like anything else in life, the Pareto Principle applies. The 80-20 Rule. Twenty percent of the population own eighty percent of the wealth; twenty percent of the workers produce eighty percent of the results, so on and so forth. In the internet, it’s not any different. Twenty percent of the people in your niche command eighty percent of the respect and credibility. Identify that twenty percent.

The second group of people in any niche, which is the vast majority, has very little influence.

The third group are the up and comers. These are the people that will eventually replace the influence leaders. If you want to use interviews to get higher quality back links, don’t waste your time with the current influence leaders in your niche.

The sad reality is that if your blog features interview after interview of known niche or industry leaders, you are really not doing anything all that different from your competition. The competition is probably also paying attention to these niche leaders.

What will set you apart from a competitive perspective is to interview up and coming influence leaders. These are people that are just sinking their teeth into the industry. These are people who are beginning to make a name for themselves.

Why should you bother with these people? First, they have a bigger incentive to link to the interview or promote the interview. Why? They have more to prove. Also, a lot more people are paying attention to them, because they are the Young Turks of your industry online.

Interview Them with a Focus on Controversial Topics

If you really want to earn a lot of back links for your interview post, you can’t play it safe. You can’t just ask bland and harmless questions. Nobody is going to pay attention to that. These people are taking time out from their business schedules to be interviewed by you. They are taking time out to answer your interview email. Make it count. Ask controversial topics within your niche.

You have to understand that every niche, regardless of how seemingly generic or harmless it is, has a point of controversy. With any body of human knowledge, there is always conventional wisdom, and there is rebel wisdom. Focus on the rebel or dissenting perspective, and you are sure to attract more heat.

The whole point of interviewing up and coming leaders in your industry is to get them to say something controversial or edgy. That is what gets attention. Also, phrase your questions in such a way that they drag in big names and brands in your industry. When they do that, drama is created, and drama attracts back links like crazy. By playing it safe, you are not really doing yourself any big favors.

Share the Links to the Interviews with the Biggest Names in Your Niche

Once you have gotten the interviews and a lot of the big names got dragged in to the interview, the next step is to share to the published interview with those big names. Basically, stir the pot. Get the controversy boiling.

If you do this right, and if you know what you’re doing, you will get back links like crazy, because people like drama. They are attracted to controversy. If your blog is going to say the same stuff that all other blogs are saying, then you really are not separating yourself from the competition. Your readers have no incentive to go to your blog, because if you are going to feature content they can easily find elsewhere, they would rather go to those other places instead of your blog.

Use interviews the way they are supposed to be used, so you can get higher quality back links. If you want your blog to attract high-quality links from credible and authoritative websites in your niche, you need to push the envelope regarding the interviews you post on your blog.