Modern SEO is all about social media and email outreach

modern-seoOld school SEO was much simpler for the spammers. You only needed to compile a list of sites that would publish content with very little editorial oversight. In fact, many of these article directory sites and link directory sites simply provide a form anyone can fill out. As long as you target the right keywords and you filled out enough of these online forms, you can build up quite a hefty inventory of backlinks in a relatively short period of time. Well, thanks to Google Penguin, low quality and low value backlinks no longer provide the same level of SEO benefits. In many cases, using automatic or low-effort link sources can lead to penalties.

Earning links instead of building them

The name of the game in the SEO world now is all about earning links instead of building them. Instead of merely filling out forms so you can get a quick backlink, you have to actually go through several editorial screenings before your link appears at a high value website in your niche. In fact, this is what Google prefers. Google wants a ‘gatekeeper’ or two between the point you build content on your site and the point you get a backlink to that content. The reality is that building links are so yesterday. This method of link generation is rife with non-editorial controls and low trust or outright lack of trust. Now, real SEO is all about going to places you normally can’t get a link from-at least, easily.

You are still ‘paying’ for links

Many shady or outright blackhat individuals doing SEO or outfits doing SEO will straight up pay for backlinks. They figure the process is so time-intensive and involved that the only way to go forward is to pay. Well, this is tempting but it is extremely risky. Google continuously penalizes all instances of paid links it becomes aware of. The good news is that you can ‘pay’ for links and NOT get in trouble with Google. How? Pay for your backlinks with your credibility and authority. That’s right-develop a relationship with high value sites through content marketing.

This takes time to scale up but the payoff is huge since you can get links from places you normally can’t get links from. The more exclusive the links, the more sustainable your SE rankings. This all involves heavy social media outreach with lots of email follow ups. Don’t expect to get backlinks the first time you ask. You need to earn high quality publishers’ trust first. You have to post high quality relevant content on your social media accounts like your Twitter feed first before even being considered credible by your potential contacts and backlink sources.

Make no mistake about it, modern SEO is a long term marathon and it requires long-term effort and sustained relationship-building based on your site living up to its highest brand value. The good news is that most of your competitors are probably not doing outreach like this. Focusing on quality can only give you a stronger competitive advantage.