Use Topsy to Find Your Competitors’ Top Content Promoters

People share content on Twitter. And, they share content a lot.

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The main reason they do this is to build credibility. People in your niche know that if they share information from many different sources, they look more credible to their followers.

The wide range of niche-specific content they share on their feeds make them look authoritative and knowledgeable. These wannabe ‘influence leaders’ have strong personal ...

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Use Broken Links On Wikipedia To Find High-Quality Backlinks

wikiBacklinks are important when it comes to search engine optimization. Search engines use backlinks and other signals in determining how high to rank your website for certain keyword queries. It’s important to know that the higher the quality of the backlinks you get, the higher you will rank on Google. However, you have to solve one huge problem: how do you get high quality backlinks? The good news ...

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How to Beat Your Competitors in Rankings

Reverse Engineer Their Backlinks

seoSearch engines, in the United States at least, still use backlinks as ranking signals. You need backlinks to rank for your website’s target keywords. The problem is, merely building more backlinks doesn’t necessarily mean you will rank higher. You shouldn’t focus just on the quantity of your backlinks. While quantity does matter, quality matters more. It is not uncommon for websites with only ...

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10 Best Ways to Prepare Video Content

Well, who doesn’t love top 10 lists?

filmVideo content is a powerful component in marketing campaigns. It can help generate positive ROIs and drive engagement. But companies and brands that lack the resources or bandwidth may find producing the right video content a bit prohibitive. If you are a company looking for the kind of content that will embody your image and goals that’s within your budget, stock ...

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Microblogging for Business: The Transition towards Social Media Initiatives

businessman holding mobile phone Choosing the right personIt can’t be denied that conversational skills are needed to create an engaged, high-performing networked organization. Managers who are conversation killers must learn to talk the talk. Employees who felt curtailed to speak up must learn to break the barrier to achieve excellence at work and, with a bit of luck, get noticed and win a promotion.

Among all other ...

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Social Bookmarking Versus Blogging

What does social bookmarking have in common with blogging? In what ways are they alike? The good news about these two methods of generating traffic is that they aren’t mutually exclusive. They don’t compete with each other so if you pursue one, it doesn’t mean you have to give the other one up. Here is a quick breakdown of what these trafficBlogging vs Bookmarking methods are, what they have ...

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Why Should I care about LinkedIn?

If you own a business, whether offline or online, that provides services or products to other businesses, you need to run, not walk, to LinkedIn. Seriously. LinkedIn is all about business networking.Linked In When you put up a profile on LinkedIn, you get notified about jobs that are available in your area within your field of expertise or industry. More importantly, LinkedIn allows people to create connections based on ...

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5 Tips for Cracking the Code of Organic Video SEO

Clearly, SEO is all about consistency, perseverance and commitment to quality. Many business owners and marketers are beginning to truly master the art of producing high quality content, but only a few have cracked the code for creating organic video SEO. If you plan to utilize video content for your marketing strategies, it’s critical that you get maximum exposure from your efforts as exposure is equivalent to good search engine ranking potential. Here are five solid tips you ...

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