Image Makeover – The Corporate Way

There is a fundamental difference between the concepts of corporate identity, brand identity and brand image. Corporate identity is the visual aspect of a company and although the corporate identity should ideally ristrutturazioneevolve with time, a change does not mean a change in brand value. Change of the corporate identity is inevitable because the company must reflect that it is concerned with its appearance and is modernizing with respect ...

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Writing Skills

In the modern competitive world, copywriters have evolved from being mere wordsmiths to some of the most innovative salesmen. Copywriters can build or ruin a brand on the basis of their crafts with words. Their phrases and keywords comprised of Meta tags arouse the curiosity of customers, answer questions, lay all suspicion to rest, and finally, weave a certain image which will ensure the sustainability of the brand in the marketplace. The first impression, good or bad, stays with the ...

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Website CMS, Keeping Your Website Fresh!

A Website Content Management System (CMS) is typically a web-based application, commonly used for online publishing. Do you own a weblog, a news site, or simply any category of webpage that requires you to add and edit your content regularly? If your answer is yes, installing a CMS onto your server would be the way to make organizing your web content a breeze.

Content management systems are made to ease the maintenance of your website, making it simple for authors or ...

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The Basics of Visual Basic Programming

Microsoft’s introduction of Visual Basic programming provided a simple and easy means of coding computer applications. Drawing upon elements found in more traditional Windows programs, the computing language provides both novice and experienced programmers with an innovative, technological tool.

For programmers who regularly deal with graphical user interfaces, the onset of Visual Basic programming greatly affected their capabilities. By providing technologists with a simpler means of writing applications, Microsoft’s Visual Basic programming language embedded a heightened degree of efficiency into the ...

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ASP Programming Creates Powerful Pages

ASP programming helps to ensure personalized and engaging web design. An acronym for Active Server Pages, ASP programming allows content to reside on a server which allows programmers to design server side scripts and change web pages before sending them to their intended user.

ASP programming or Active Server Pages programming was introduced by Microsoft at the end of 1996. In 1997, they attached ASP programming to HTTP 1.0 to manage Microsoft’s Internet Information Server version 3. ASP 2.0 expanded ASPs ...

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Microsoft Access Programming

Microsoft Access is an essential tool for novice database managers. Designed with simplicity in mind, MS Access allows for rapid, basic programming. Microsoft Access came to market in 1992 and quickly solidified itself as the market leading product for database programmers specializing in Windows applications. Since its inception the tool has undergone significant changes. Today, over seven versions of the program exist in the retail computing space and provide basic programming functionality to millions of users worldwide.

Functionally, Microsoft Access programming ...

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