Pay Careful Attention to Your Social Media Covers

Social MediaIncreasingly, social media platforms ranging from YouTube, Facebook, all the way to Twitter and Google+, have a cover format. This cover format is usually very white. This allows for a very broad, high-quality graphic look for those social media platforms. It also gives you a solid branding opportunity on these social media platforms.

This is why it’s extremely important for you to pay careful attention to your social media cover. Don’t just put up a cover for the sake of having a cover. There are many pictures out there that you can use as a cover; however, just because they are available doesn’t necessarily mean that you should use them. At the very least, you should select and design your social media covers in such a way that it pushes your brand forward.

Everything You Do Online Is a Form of Branding

That’s right. Every single piece of content you share online either pushes your brand forward or pulls it back. The way your blog is formatted, the way you interact with people, all the way to your social media covers can impact your target market’s perception of your online brand.

Accordingly, you have to be very careful regarding the kind of signals that your online graphics are sending out. Social media covers are not value-neutral. They are always sending out signals that are either enhancing your brand, or dragging you down. It’s your choice. You have to be aware of this and you need to pick the right social media covers.

Consistency Is Crucial

One highly effective way to erode your online brand is inconsistency. When there is inconsistency between the graphics that you share, or the brands that you feature across different audiences, the inconsistencies can work against you.

You have to understand that online, any kind of confusion leads to brand erosion. This is why it’s really important to be as consistent on a graphical, textual, and content level as possible among all your social media appearances. Regardless of where you’re present online, you have to be consistent. This is why it’s very important that your social media covers flow well with the posts that you chose to share, as well as your avatar, and other graphical elements.

Your Cover Should Reinforce Your Content

If you’re using social media as part of SEO outreach, and you’re looking to build solid online relationships, you should make sure that your social media covers foster that relationship.

At the very least, your social media covers give the impression that you are a professional. They should convey the message that you are an expert in your field. Otherwise, your cover might hinder your efforts at being perceived as credible, or as an authority in your particular niche.

The whole name of the game with social media outreach for either SEO purposes, direct traffic, or online brand building, is to build trust and confidence. Any kind of inconsistency or mixed message gets in the way of building that confidence.