Pinterest for Business: A New Shift for the Social Entrepreneur

Social media is now considered the most popular method of enhancing I love pin + interestbusiness online profiles and creating brand awareness. The latest addition in the social block to find favor is Pinterest, a great platform for sharing pictures and videos. Although still relatively young, Pinterest is slowly gaining popularity among many marketers as they realize that, with 70 million users, Pinboards can be powerful marketing tools for promoting brands and events.

Wondering how exactly Pinterest is worth your time and effort? Take a look at some companies that have built a successful online presence on Pinterest. Today, as the digital landscape is taking a turn toward more visual and integrative platforms, it is best to grab a place on Pinterest where many consumers, as well as business-to-business focused companies are establishing their brands. However, being aware that you should use Pinterest to further your business objectives is a far cry from knowing how to use it, or how to best engage with your audience.

So to help you get started creating Pinboards and pinning items, here are some tips to maximize your pinning experience on Pinterest:

Be Ultimately Visual

On any social media avenue, posts with strong images attached to them often garner more Likes and engagement. In fact, they can get on average, as much as three times more user engagement compared to those with no images. No matter what the content, a strong, stunning image accompanying it can translate desired objectives into more Likes, comments and shares – ultimately leading to sales and other desirable actions.

Position and Increase Your Brand Authority

Pinterest is a great site to position yourself as an authority in your field. Create boards and ensure that they contain the most helpful and accurate information. Develop useful and relevant resources that will make your Followers think you are the place to go for reliable information about your field or subject. As you provide useful and reliable information, you build trust along the way, trust that leads to winning loyal customers and referral advocates for your brand.

Leverage Community for Wider Reach

If you want to increase your reach and grow your community on Pinterest, consider using Group Boards and collaborating with popular pinners across the site. This will expose your brand to more people already interested in your field. However, in Group Boards, there is always the risk of developing a poorly conceived project filled with irrelevant content not useful to your existing community. This could lead to a loss of Followers. As much as possible, avoid collaborating with someone outside your niche or field to avoid confusing your audience.

Use Pins to Drive Traffic to Your Site

According to Beth Hayden, author of Pinfluence, Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. In order to do this, you first need to attract Pinterest users to make them repin your pins on their Pinboards. Attractive Pinboards are those which combine great images with content that solves a problem, answers questions, offers useful information, entertains, inspires, and appeals to a hobby or interest.

Measure Your Effort

Interested to know how Pinterest marketing is working for you and your business? You can measure engagement and other metrics using the Pinterest Pin Count tool which will show you how many times your site page or blog post has been pinned and repinned.

Do you have success stories about using Pinterest for your marketing campaigns? We would love to hear them. Share your thoughts and ideas and post your comments.