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Hosting with computer servers on abstract background

Web hosting can broadly be defined as a service that allows one to upload and store a site’s HTML documents and related files on a web server. This makes files available on the World Wide Web for popular consumption of the surfers. The detailed offers providing storage, connectivity and services are known as web hosting plans. A dependable web hosting company must have Redundancy (multiple connections to the net), Reliability (uptime measured in percentage), Availability (handling peak period traffic volume), suitable Hardware (fast servers), Monitoring the net and efficient Back-Up for contingency. These are the basic hallmarks of an effective web hosting company.

Apart from the above-mentioned must haves, a hosting plan should include flexibility in operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and Unix, a considerable amount of storage or disk space, data transfer or traffic, e-mail with POP3, auto-responder, scripting languages (PHP, JSP, ASP), CGI BIN, Front Page, IP address, log files, secure server (SSL), Real Audio/Video 8.0, Majordomo, MySQL3.23.54a and a lot more. The package can be made more attractive by attaching a moderate price tag.

The performance of a web hosting company can greatly increase if it can drastically reduce the loading time of sites. This can be solved by two or more redundant fiber optic connections and loops. In this web driven world, web hosting companies compete with each other to travel the extra mile and help out their clients with any problem related to the uploading or CGI scripts and also advises clients on using the Front Page judiciously. An important aspect of maintaining several or even one particular busy website is that the script and the illustrations of the site must be continuously changed to save the site from any kind of monotony or fatigue. Servers with 70 GB Raid Disk Drive and 6 GB of memory are of immense importance.

The capability of a web hosting company can easily be judged on the basis of quick resolution or recovery if downtime occurs. An agile site host will ensure that the site is back online after the minimum possible time elapse. The majority of the web sites hosted by the company should have a 100% uptime performance. A state-of-the-art data center with Cisco, Routers, firewalls, connection to premium tier-1 Backbone providers and connection with Genuity and Cable and Wireless always gives the web hosting company an edge because of its above average web hosting services. FM-200 fire auppression, multiple UPS systems, backup diesel generators, backed up with 24/7/365 accessibility to network operations staff and technicians ensure great performance and smooth running of the data center. However, in most cases 80% or more of the web hosts are just resellers, and another 10% are just co-locating in some other data center, without direct physical access to the machines. This simply would not work.

The control panel is one of the most important components of a successful web hosting company. It should be able to perform on Windows, Linux and Unix platforms and allow the client to add, remove and manage domain names, subdomains, FTP accounts, email accounts, mailing lists, auto responders, e-mail aliases, MIME Types, Apache Indexes, PHP / ASP configuration, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL databases, SQL database users, canceling and resuming subscriptions and reporting trouble tickets from a single interface. The pre-installed scripts and Fantastico rev up the unmatched script installation power. Most importantly it has to be user friendly.

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