Reputation Management with Social Media

Reputation Thermometer Rising to Number One ExpertIn a presentation during the Financial Times Future of Marketing Summit, Don Sorensen, president of Big Blue Robot and a well-known reputation management authority, discussed about how online reputation management plays an inevitable role in this digital age.

Today, companies should aptly improve their online reputation or suffer the consequences. For most brands, underestimating the risk of poor online reputation will have severe repercussions on the company’s revenue. Businesses and brands that understand the significance of positive reputation and the impact it can have on the company’s bottom line is more likely to avoid losing sales because of negative search engine results.

Why Online Reputation Management Matters?

Many business owners and CEOs are not aware they need to be meticulously concerned of their reputation online. Imagine the time, effort and money invested to build and develop a strong brand, and then lose everything merely because of some defamatory remarks made on the internet. What’s more unsettling is when negative reviews, remarks that are slanderous and comments beyond constructive criticism start to appear on high ranking websites. And, whether these remarks are accurate or not, they can do potential damage to a brand’s reputation. What can you do about it?

One negative feedback, a poor rating or a harmful review appearing online can render a company extremely vulnerable. It can very well jeopardize everything it has worked for. This is why managing executives should not underestimate what a poor online reputation can do to the company’s general being. The losses in sales, poor hiring ability, press coverage and the cost it takes to recover.

How Social Media Helps?

While years ago it was okay to ignore the social web as they were considered unverified and premature, that no longer holds true these days. Social media has become the niche of rapidly growing communities where a simple opinion can spread virally, and even potentially make or break a brand’s reputation.

Social media must be made a part in any company’s overall marketing strategy and should take the lead in its online reputation management actions. While social media profiles are easy to make, it is known to take up space in Google’s search results thus ensuring an improved online reputation.

What are Other Online Reputation Tactics?

There are numerous ways and opportunities to get noticed in the web and reverse negative ratings. What a company needs to do is think outside the box. Encouraging customers to show they are using your product or service and are satisfied with it can give your brand reputation an extra boost. Since videos tend to rank well on search engines, YouTube is an excellent platform for this purpose.

Being content with just a handful of links doing well on SERPs is not enough to promote a decent online reputation for your brand. As much as possible, take control of the rankings and strategize unceasingly. Have an active PR strategy and find unique ways to put your brand in front of the buying public. Sponsor events and publicize partners to get added visibility if necessary. But most of all, take advantage of the best takeaways social media can offer.

How about you? Have you been taken off-guard by some online reputation issues? How did you handle defamatory remarks and feedback appearing online that were critical to your company’s reputation?