Saying ‘I like your post’ or ‘I agree’ is NOT Engagement

DialogHow many times have you hung out on Twitter trying to network with influence leaders in your niche and seen those annoying ‘great tweet’ or ‘I agree’ posts? Probably too many. The sad fact is social networks are filled with such empty and meaningless chatter. Let me break it down to you in the simplest terms I know-this is not engagement. This won’t help you build credibility and authority for your online brand. Still, too many marketers continue to do social media ‘outreach’ this way. I’ve outlined the reason why and some possible solutions.

Social media engagement rooted in habits formed through blog comments

If you noticed that some of the Google Plus, Facebook group comments, and tweets on the accounts of influence leaders of your niche look like the comments section of their blogs, this is for a good reason. Many marketer simply transferred the commenting ‘skills’ they learned on blogs to social media. Well, this type of interaction isn’t working on blogs for SEO purposes and this sure won’t work on social media platforms. You simply can’t use the same blog comment SEO spam tactics on social media and expect to be viewed as credible. It’s not going to happen. To arrive at a truly effective social media engagement strategy, you have to be clear as to what you are trying to do

Getting people to like you by you agreeing with them

Trying to get on people’s ‘good side’ by being their ‘Yes Man’ is a weak strategy. It makes you look like a parasite. This approach doesn’t work with real authoritative people because they respect actual contributions. They don’t have all the time in the world and they only notice people who stand out. When you bleat out praises and compliments just like everyone else, you don’t stand up. Besides, real influence leaders actually don’t mind being challenged-in fact they are looking for it. They are always researching and they are always looking for ways to broaden their understanding of their niche. This is why they are okay with challenges, debates, and actual thoughtful dialogs.

Stand out from the crowd by actually engaging on a deeper level

Real influential voices in your niche are always looking to learn. Step up your engagement by earning respect through challenges and contributing real content and real information. Don’t be afraid to disagree. Always contribute something meaty to the discussion. This will help you stand out from the crowd. Engage influence leaders this way and your brand will stand out from the crowd. This is precisely what you need to see happen because there are over 2 million pieces of content being shared on social media daily and you need to stand out from the crowd pronto!