So You Get Traffic From Social Media, Now What?

social mediaIt’s almost funny how many online marketers try to talk up social media. This blog post is not intended to minimize the traffic potential of social media platforms like Facebook groups, Twitter, Google+, and others. Instead, I would like to focus your attention on the proper use of social media traffic.

A lot of the marketing books out there that talk about social media operate from the assumption that marketing on social media is all about reaching consumers. This is not true. If you want to build a viable marketing strategy on social media, you have to understand that a sustainable social media campaign should be focused on reaching the right people. The old saying “fewer but better” definitely applies to the correct method of marketing on social media. If you are just going to focus on chasing after consumers, you have your work cut out for you. It’s going to be very tough. Twitter, for example, has a very high burnout rate. Facebook, similarly, has a low engagement rate.

If you are looking to get direct sales, social media is probably not the most optimal way to get them. However, if you are looking to raise brand awareness and brand credibility, social media offers a very powerful opportunity to do that. It’s all about reaching the right people in your niche. If you are able to get traffic from social media, here are some approaches you can use to maximize your influence with influence leaders in your niche:

Blog Conversion Approach

This approach is actually the default approach by many social media marketers. They would create a blog that clearly establishes their credibility in a particular subject matter. They would then publicize the blog posts through their social media accounts. The way this process works is this: when your followers or page subscribers like an update, they click a link and they go to your blog.

The whole point of this exercise is to slowly but surely get people to understand your expertise, and eventually get them to return. The key is to eventually get the readers to become loyal so that they would sign up for your mailing list. The end goal is to establish a long-term relationship with your blog leaders, so you can then up sell them to your products or services down the road.

Freebie Approach

The main criticism of the blog conversion approach is that it takes a long time. Anytime reader loyalty is involved, time will be an issue. If you want a faster approach to building up your mailing list, you can try the freebie approach.

The freebie approach involves sharing high-quality content on your social media accounts, and then mixing in posts at time to time that go directly to your squeeze page. You have to do this right. Any inconsistency between the quality of the content you normally share and your squeeze page may undermine your online brand.

You have to understand that a high percentage of people that sign up for freebies don’t really want to be on your mailing list. They just signed up because they want to get your freebie. You probably would have to filter your freebie by either running an offer that requires the very minimum payment, so you can a pure buyers list, or you can scrub your freebie list very frequently to get rid of list squatters.

There are many other approaches to working with social media traffic. However, the two approaches I outlined above are most common. Make sure you fine-tune these approaches based on your particular circumstances and needs.