Social Bookmarking Versus Blogging

What does social bookmarking have in common with blogging? In what ways are they alike? The good news about these two methods of generating traffic is that they aren’t mutually exclusive. They don’t compete with each other so if you pursue one, it doesn’t mean you have to give the other one up. Here is a quick breakdown of what these trafficBlogging vs Bookmarking methods are, what they have in common, how they are different from each other, and how you can use them to complement each other. When it comes to affiliate marketing, it is always a good idea to get as many different streams of traffic flowing to your site. After all, many streams can add up to a raging river.

Social bookmarks

Social bookmarking sites enable users to post their bookmarks in a centralized online database. Users can tag the urls they’d like to remember and come back to. Most importantly, they can label and share these bookmarks. Ideally, social bookmarks are platforms users can visit to find new and interesting sites they might not have found before in a particular category. Site visitors can vote on certain tags and links so they more visible and appear more ‘recommended’ for other users looking for a particular category of site.


Blogs are online publishing and content management platforms people use to publish content online quickly without having to master HTML, PHP, CSS, and other technical skills. Through blogging, sharing your thoughts, insights, and opinions can be as easy as a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. Blogging is also a great tool to get search engine traffic. By using WordPress and installing an SEO plugin, you can optimize the content you’re publishing as you type it into WordPress.

What they have in common

Both social bookmarks and blogging get attention from search engines. When you tag links, search engines associate the tag to the link. Similarly, with blogs, when you use an anchor text to an outbound link, search engines view the anchor text as a ‘vote’ for the proposition that the link’s content is described by the anchor text. Just like social bookmarks, many blogs can be repositories of collected or ‘curated’ links that are categorized based on topic or interest.

How are they different?

While blogs can be organized as a list of tagged links, blogs, particularly those using a self-hosted version of WordPress, can use themes that make them look like photo galleries, article directories, or even slide shows or forums. Blogs aren’t just link collections. Blogs can take a wide range of forms. Also, the links on blogs, provided they are in the body of a post, are ‘do follow’ while social bookmarks’ links, for the most part, are ‘no follow.’ This means they don’t pass the link authority or ‘link juice’ of the social bookmark to the site a link on the social bookmark site is pointing to.