Social Media Conversion Rate Optimization Basics

social media conversionsIf you read the title of this blog post correctly, don’t roll your eyes and don’t scratch your head. It is intentional. I know that there may be a lot of people confused by the title of this blog post. People normally look at conversion rate optimization primarily as a set of practices that involve conversion pages, sales pages, landing pages, or squeeze pages. You are well within your rights to ask out loud, “What does CRO have to do with social media?”

There is a method to the madness of applying CRO to what would otherwise be a branding vehicle. As anybody who has been around social media marketing can tell you, the real value of social media is to build brand awareness; it is not for direct sales. Since CRO is normally for direct recruitment, direct conversion, and direct sales, it is easy to think that CRO doesn’t really apply to branding vehicles.

I would beg to differ. Even if your social media accounts are geared towards brand awareness and brand building, you still have to do your homework regarding how effective your social media company identities are regarding the overall objective of getting people to become aware of your brand. Instead of the conversion process leading to a sale, CRO principles can be tweaked to apply to successfully publicizing a brand on social media.

Here are just two key basic CRO principles you should apply to your social media marketing efforts:

Maximize Brand Building through Message Consistency

Whenever there is a disparity, even a small one, between your website and the content you are sharing on social media as well as your engagement, doubts will arise. The truth is that the human mind is looking for consistency. It doesn’t like gaps. It gets uncomfortable with gaps in the overall narrative that your brand is trying to create. The worst thing that can happen is when the power to define and fill in these gaps slips from your hands to the hands of your target audience.

When this happens, instead of you being in full control of how your brand develops on social media, your target audience may come up with an identity or brand perception that you might not be happy with. Accordingly, it’s extremely crucial that all your social media presence, your activities and content and engagement, must be consistent with your brand values.

Maximize Brand Building through Graphical Consistency

Human beings are graphical creatures. We like to say that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we do so anyway. All the time. As a result, any graphical inconsistency between the pictures, logos, and overall mental pictures that your content evokes on your social media presence and your actual website can lead to confusion. When it comes to marketing, confusion is the kiss of death. You don’t want your target audience members to be confused. When they get confused, they don’t do what you want them to do. When they get confused, they click the back button. When they get confused, your brand suffers.

The two basic tips outlined above are very basic, but they are also very fundamental. You have to build your social media identity, online brand, and outreach on solid foundations. Consistency is the most solid foundation. Consistency means professionalism; consistency means preparation; consistency means a cogent and tightly coordinated set of values.

The reality is there is heavy competition in almost all niches online. If you don’t take full control over your social media brand, you will get left behind by your competition. It is that crucial. Adopt and implement the considerations raised above today, before it’s too late.