How Do You Know You Are Doing A Good Job With Social Media Marketing?

The whole concept of measuring social media marketing success is a very old question. In fact, you can tell which marketer knows what he or she is doing based on his or her answer to this question.

The correct answer really is all about building brand awareness with the right people. That is the right answer.

Can you get traffic? Sure. Can you increase your clout score? Absolutely. Can you get a lot of re-tweets and shares and measure that way? Yes. ...

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Pay Careful Attention to Your Social Media Covers

Social MediaIncreasingly, social media platforms ranging from YouTube, Facebook, all the way to Twitter and Google+, have a cover format. This cover format is usually very white. This allows for a very broad, high-quality graphic look for those social media platforms. It also gives you a solid branding opportunity on these social media platforms.

This is why it’s extremely important for you to ...

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