The power of ‘because’ in social media SEO outreach

The modern reality of SEO is all about outreach due to the fact that you have to earn your links now instead of merely building them. This is all for the best because the tighter the editorial control and the more hoops you have to go through just to earn a backlink, the higher the quality of the backlink you get. Also, the harder it is for you to earn your links, the more of an advantage you get over your competition who are probably working with cheaper and easier ways to get backlinks. The power of becauseConsidering how fast Google has been evolving, in terms of backlink quality filtration, detection, and penalization, ‘cheaper and easier’ is not exactly a strategy for success-at least, as far as long-term success is concerned. Google’s heavy emphasis on link quality puts a lot of pressure on your ability to reach out to and earn links through social media outreach.

Editorial hurdles to overcome through relationship building

Since not just any link will increase your site’s rankings, you have to focus on the highest quality sites in your niche. These sites got to this level of success and stature because they have a lot of editorial hurdles. They just don’t link to any random site. You have to identify these high value link sources and you have to put in the effort getting in their good graces. The good news is that your competition probably won’t even bother. They are looking for faster, cheaper, and more convenient link sources.

The problem of reaching out to high quality potential link sources

The big problem with reaching out to big media brands or influential link sources in your niche is that they get so many pitches from SEO companies and marketing companies, they don’t really have that much time to bother with your email. You need to get their attention immediately. You have to make your pitch clear as soon as possible. And this is where the problem lies. Too many media agencies drop the ball during the outreach process. They beat around the bush. They are so focused on getting a link and the urgency of getting that elusive high quality link that is sure to explode their rankings that they don’t make themselves clear.

The power of BECAUSE

Simply saying why you are reaching out makes a big difference. Including ‘because’ in your first outreach email quickly provides context and this provides value to the reader. At the very least, it saves them time in filtering your email. Don’t think for a second that this is a trivial thing. You’d be surprised as to how many worthless emails they get from digital media agencies that beat around the bush. Be clear about WHY you’re emailing them and EXPLAIN why acting on your pitch will result in a win win situation.

Always emphasize quality

Another key factor that influences social media SEO outreach success is whether you can back up your outreach with quality content. Reach out only when you can back up the reason you gave for your outreach with actual high-quality content that can add value to the site you want your links to appear on.