The Tricks to be at the TOP

In a recent and groundbreaking study, the Atlas Institute has busted the myth that the web traffic for the websites listed in the top ten of a search engine is the same. On the contrary, they have come up with solid evidence to prove that in reality there is a great amount of difference in the traffic between the sites located at the very top and the ones situated at the fourth or fifth position.

The index used by the Atlas Institute is the Click-through rate or CTR, which is obtained by dividing the number of times the ad/link was clicked on by the number of times the ad/link was actually viewed. The CTR is an accurate indicator to the web traffic although it cannot predict the conversion ratio i.e. how many of the HITs will translate to actual business. According to the research, CTR declines alarmingly after the surfer views the page at the top of the search list. The search engine turns up with a limited number of options for every key word or key phrase search. Increasingly there is more jostling to be at the top. However, as the list trails off from the top three, so does the CTR. The steady decline can even doom the fifteenth or twentieth site on the search engine results. This clearly points to the fact that despite being among the best-designed and well-written sites, the dividends are not meeting the potential. Even listing the site with two hundred odd search engines is of little use because high web traffic can only be attracted by the websites located at the top of the major search engines.

Interestingly in spite of their differing modus operandi, both Google Ad Words and Overture show similar results of declining CTR although they vary in terms of the percentage. It is evident that the website company can almost certainly double its traffic by simply improving its positions a couple of notches. Things are slightly different with organic search procedure promoted by Google. The free organic listings ensure the hundred clicks per day for free, once the website reaches the top of the results. It is unbiased and helpful to the smaller companies because only in the organic search system, they can beat the monetary muscles of the big brothers on the basis of sheer relevance of their content.

An Organic search produces results by indexing pages based on content and the relevance of the keyword. This is contrary to the listing systems which rank their finds purely based on the amount of money paid by the websites in order to feature at the top. operates in the above-mentioned manner. Some search engines like Google have successfully implemented a combination of both paid and organic search. Although Google primarily focuses on returning fast, highly relevant results based on the content, links to the page, and other objective criteria, but it also comes up with a list of websites on the right hand side, which are listed based on the amount of money they pay. For example if one searches on “medical records” in Google, chances are the first position of the organic results will not match the paid listings on the right side of the page.

The organic search listing automatically guarantees greater trust by the surfer because a) the results are not motivated by monetary benefits and hence do not compromise on the ‘relevance’ factor; b) offers a greater depth of choice. The trust factor definitely ensures that most of the surfers check out the left hand column more often than taking a sneak peak at the right hand list. The clients submitting their websites at search engines have understood that greater trust easily translates to greater conversions. The best part is that it is completely free.

So how does one site set about to reach the summit of Google, MSN or other organic or semi organic search engines. First and foremost one must hire the services of a professional expert with knowledge of the Key words, Key phrases and who would identify a target audience and develop the site content accordingly. The better-targeted keywords and relevant content would automatically attract greater number of HITS from the target audience ensuring higher conversion ratio to potentially lucrative business. So the site should not only be well written but must have the right Keyword phrases that people are actually searching on. ACES provides innovative, reliable search engine optimization (SEO) that can help catapult your website to the top of the charts. Click here to find out more about the Internet promotion services offered by ACES.

The other virtue required for the client is to have patience. The famous adage “Rome was not built in a day”, applies to this system, as even leading web content developers agree that they expect results on search engines to begin after about four to eight weeks from the launching date.

The key to succeed in the organic search engines is to target the most relevant keyword phrases a surfer is going to look for in searching for your product or service. Having the content and SEO developed by companies with the expertise in this area is well worth the investment as it can be the difference between achieving high ranking and being buried deep within the murky depths of search engine purgatory.

By the way – there are no short cuts