What is link building and why is it important to my website?

Why Link Building is Important

Links, or backlinks are simply the hyperlinks that connect websites together as clickable text. You see them thousands of times whenever you surf the web and without them the Internet would be a very different place. So why are they so important to your own website?Seo web page

First, backlinks are a means for people/traffic to find your website and therefore products, services or information. The more backlinks you have visible on other websites, the easier it will be for others to find your website – simple.

However there is a second benefit as to why having a high number of backlinks is beneficial to you. Search engines crawl trillions of websites continuously checking content and links to help them determine where websites should rank in their search engine results for various keywords and key phrases. The more backlinks a website has, the more important it could be considered as many people are linking to it. Let’s look at a simple example:

Dog training website 1 = 7 backlinksSearch Engine Ranking – Use backlinks to help rank high in the SERPs

Dog training website 2 = 544 backlinks

Taking every other factor out of the equation, which of the above websites is likely to rank higher in search engine results for the keywords ‘dog training’? Yes, dog training website number 2. Google, Yahoo and Bing for example will notice the number of backlinks to each website and in their eyes will determine that the second website is more popular as more third party websites have linked to it. This is an indication that the website has good content and is valuable to the search engine users. It will therefore rank higher and get more traffic than the first website. This doesn’t necessarily mean the second website does have better dog training content than the first website; it simply seems that they have done a better job of getting their message out to others on the internet and provided their links are from sites that are from sites that are relevant to their industry, they will be more popular to search engines.

Therefore, obtaining a solid number of relevant backlinks to your website is very important. In fact it is considered the single most important aspect of search engine optimization and it is essential rather than important.

There are hundreds of ways to get backlinks to your website and some methods include article marketing, video marketing, directory submissions and Web 2.0 methods. However, link building can also involve a steep learning curve and it does require a serious time investment, especially if you are new to website promotion. It is important to obtain a balance of quality and quantity of backlinks to ensure maximum returns from your link building strategy.

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