What your blog post pictures say about your company

Blog concept in word tag cloudThe title of this post might have you scratching your head. After all, you might reason, the essence of a blog post is the content it contains. It is the text of a blog post that forms the core or the main value of that post. Everything else is secondary. I have to agree that this is true but you can’t underestimate the power of the signals you’re sending with secondary details like your site layout, your font, and yes, your blog post pictures. You see, everything you do online impacts your online brand. You are constantly educating your site visitors regarding the value you bring to the table. In short, you are constantly telling them about the values your brand incorporates.

Not surprisingly, successful online businesses are aware of the branding process. This is why they are very careful regarding their website design, their fonts, their logos, their text, their social messaging, their videos, and the images they show. Everything is filtered. Everything is vetted. Everything is tightly choreographed with the overall message their brand is communicating. In short, successful online businesses manage their brands tightly. Isn’t it time you do the same?

The stakes are very high

Did you know that every single day over 2 million pieces of content are produced? That’s a huge amount of content competing for a limited set of eyeballs. It is too easy for your brand to get lost in the background noise of so much content being pumped out by competitors and being blasted through social media channels. You can go a long way in making sure your brand values stand out by paying attention to your blog post pictures as much as your blog post content.

Pictures are not value-neutral

You can’t just simply take any random picture that is vaguely relevant to the message of your blog post and stick it in your post and call it a day. You are rolling the dice with your brand’s ability to communicate the right set of values when you pick blog post pictures this way. You have to understand that picture set tone and mood. The picture you choose can either amplify the power of your content or dull its impact. Also, if you pick stock photo that’s been used by your competitors when covering the same topic as your blog post, your brand isn’t standing out. Your brand risks looking generic when you do this. Why? Your pictures are the first thing your readers see. They will subconsciously assume your content is generic or the same as everyone else’s when you get lazy or sloppy and use the same ‘standard’ niche stock photos.

Use blog post photos to stand out from the competition

Your photos stand out easily and this is why you need to take extra care in selecting them. By picking out stock photos that aren’t used by everyone else in your niche, you give the reader a reason to take a closer look at your content and be taken in by the distinct information you offer. The more you draw your reader in, the more intense the subconscious conversation between your brand’s values and your readers’ minds. Simply put, you have to select pictures that highlight the message of your content. Choose pictures that embody your brand values. By picking the right blog stock photos you assert more control over the overall process of branding your site visitors.