What’s a Squidoo? No It’s Not an Appetizer!

For those that don’t know, ‘Squidoo’ has nothing to do with cuisine or eight-legged creatures that live under the sea. No, Squidoo is the name given to a content website situated at www.squidoo.com.

This website offers its users the ability to create a ‘lens’, which is just a unique name created by Squidoo for a standard webpage or blog-type page that is created at Squidoo for original content to be added.

If you use article marketing as a form of website promotion, then Squidoo should be at the top of your list as a place to publish your articles, videos and other content. The reason for this is simple – Squidoo ranks very highly in Google and the content that you create on their website can be indexed in within hours of it being published rather than days, weeks or months in some cases. Additionally backlinks from Squidoo have good ranking strength so Squidoo lenses are a powerful tool to help with your promotion activities and best of all they are free!

A lens on Squidoo can be about absolutely anything that the user wishes it to be. However each lens should only cover a single topic. As already mentioned, Squidoo can be a very useful ally in improving website traffic through either direct readers or through improved search engine ranking and as a source of backlinks, however it is possible to make money directly from a lens as well. Affiliate information such as Amazon Associates, eBay and Google Adsense can be added to lenses to help optimize monetization.

Each lens is built up of ‘modules’. There are many modules available to you and you simply select which ones you would like to add to help with your content creation. Below are some examples of useful and popular Squidoo modules:

  • Text – self explanatory – adds text to the lens;
  • YoutTube Videos – embeds videos relating to your topic from YouTube;
  • Flickr – adds pictures from Flickr to your lens;
  • Poll – add a poll to survey your readers;
  • Link List – add your favourite website links (can be used to link to your websites for backlinks);
  • Google Blog Search – adds content from other blogs relating to your content;
  • eBay – products from eBay that relate to your lens are added here;
  • Guestbook – allows your readers to comment on your lens. Great for getting feedback on your content;
  • RSS – add entries from your website RSS feed or from a third party RSS;
  • Amazon – adds products available from Amzon.com;
  • Google Maps – useful to add a viewable location on a map;
  • Wikipedia – add content definitions from Wikipedia.

The above outlines a few examples of what can make up your Squidoo lens. You can use all or just one of the modules and the flexibility to create very informative lenses means that the page is customized exactly how you would like it.  However if you have never used Squidoo before, setting up a lens can be quite confusing and creating a Squidoo lens that has a positive effect on your web traffic can be difficult for new users.

At ACES, we take the learning curve out of your website promotion and create professional looking Squidoo lenses for you. That way you get an optimum performing lens that will help boost your website traffic and increase your search engine rankings. Check out our internet marketing services for more information on how we can help your website get more targeted traffic.