Why Businesses Should Integrate Social Media into Their Marketing Mix

Less than 10 years ago, we were dependent on traditional media (radio, newspapers, television) and traditional vehicles (email and telephone) to gather, create, and share information about products, services, businesses, organizations, events, and news. Today, we rely on Social Media to do that.Social media

What is Social Media?

Like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Youtube, and blogs, Social Media is made up of web-based and mobile Internet applications that facilitate the exchange of user-generated content. It is ultra dynamic, interactive, and allows the whole world to experience instant creation, gathering, and sharing of information across multiple channels. Since its development, social Media has turned out to be an incredibly powerful communication tool, influencing how we acquire, deliberate, and react to information. With social media, information, news and views spread like wildfire.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Brands, organizations and companies, even individuals who use Social Media to tell their audience, social network, or customers about their perspectives and unique selling points are doing Social Media Marketing. Traditional marketing, as we know it, was expensive, sluggish, and biased. Social Media Marketing uses a pull marketing strategy that doesn’t bug, beg or buy your way into sales leads.

Why is Social Media Marketing great for business?

As a marketing tool for businesses, social media offers exponential benefits:

1. It is less expensive compared to traditional media and often free and instant! Businesses can take advantage of several in-place networks of active social media communities that promote powerful word-of-mouth advertising, enabling brands to reach more people faster as opposed to traditional marketing strategies and vehicles.

2. Social Media Marketing is a great tool for marketing campaigns that facilitate consistent branding across a variety of social platforms. It allows businesses to quickly measure their campaign success (or failures) and feedback (or lack thereof). With its feedback capability, campaigns can be easily targeted using different applications and user groups.

3. Through social media marketing, businesses can say something publicly about their brand, product or service and then encourage them to help out by spreading or sharing the message. In essence, it allows customers to have the control.

4. Through proper monitoring, social media marketing uses insights to better understand customer behavior, develop better strategies to increase brand awareness, customer reach, traffic, acquisition and conversion. If you lack the time or energy to constantly engage with your audience, hire a digital marketing firm to handle your social media marketing campaigns.

Whether your primary objectives are increasing brand awareness, driving Customer Conversions or improving Customer Care, social media marketing will enable data-driven decisions to influence your campaigns and send the right message, to the right people, at the right time.