Why Should I care about LinkedIn?

If you own a business, whether offline or online, that provides services or products to other businesses, you need to run, not walk, to LinkedIn. Seriously. LinkedIn is all about business networking.Linked In When you put up a profile on LinkedIn, you get notified about jobs that are available in your area within your field of expertise or industry. More importantly, LinkedIn allows people to create connections based on industry. Given the fact that the friend of one person is a friend of another person and so on and so forth, it is very easy to see how wide and far your connections can be when you network on LinkedIn.

You can easily reach out to a lot of people in your industry even if you just start out with just a handful of contacts. So what? What’s the big deal with LinkedIn compared to Facebook-another platform that allows you to connect to your friends and friends of friends? Well, unlike ‘friends’ on Facebook who, on the whole, don’t focus on business, LinkedIn is all about business. Here are just some of the ways your business can benefit using LinkedIn.

Share your B2B content

Content marketing is crucial to success on LinkedIn. Content marketing, put simply, is writing content that raises attention regarding an issue that your business is concerned with. Either your business has a solution to the issue or is an expert in the issue. Regardless, when you write content that raises awareness regarding your solution, eventually the attention of the reader turns to you. The key is to connect with people in your industry and continuously send them high-quality information that raises your credibility as a ‘go to’ person regarding certain issues.

Join LinkedIn groups and share quality content

LinkedIn also has many different groups that are very business-focused. You can either join a group that has already been formed regarding the topic you are interested in or you can start a group specializing in a certain topic. Regardless, when you become a member of the group, you can share content that can help you look credible. You can share high-quality content produced by the most credible and authoritative sources in your industry. The more you keep this up, the more people will consider you credible in a particular topic category. You can convert some of this credibility into traffic by sharing your website content and updates. You can then upsell or convert that traffic to your website or blog through a landing page for a mailing list or an ad.

It’s all about the Know-Like-Trust Process

Make no mistake about it, if you want to generate B2B sales online, you have to have your prospects get to know you. Connecting and sharing updates on LinkedIn helps people get to ‘know’ your interests, your capabilities, and your field of expertise. If you keep this up, and you keep sharing professional and high-quality content, some people will like you. By engaging them and becoming a resource, eventually you gain their trust. Once you have their trust, you can pretty much write your own paycheck since people who trust you will be open to whatever you suggest. As long as you don’t destroy this trust by spamming your contacts or advertising low-quality or irrelevant products or services, LinkedIn can generate huge deals and accounts for your company.