Writing Skills

In the modern competitive world, copywriters have evolved from being mere wordsmiths to some of the most innovative salesmen. Copywriters can build or ruin a brand on the basis of their crafts with words. Their phrases and keywords comprised of Meta tags arouse the curiosity of customers, answer questions, lay all suspicion to rest, and finally, weave a certain image which will ensure the sustainability of the brand in the marketplace. The first impression, good or bad, stays with the consumer. Creating a good website or product not only pays back the website but also builds upon itself in customer satisfaction and referrals.

Let’s face it. Despite all kinds of flashy web layouts or other attractive gimmicks, the relevant, keyword rich content remains the key in order to boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and drag the netizens to the site. It is well documented that Flash is a definite deterrent to attract the visitors via SEO, but it’s the content that will attract them there, compel them to buy your products, sign up for the promotions and bookmark the site for future visits.

Good web copywriting by design and forethought must take care of SEO, algorithms, page rank, keyword density, etc. to place the site most prominently on the internet and at the top of the most popular search engines. An effective copywriter conveys the theme of the website in precise terms, arousing the interests of the visitor and compelling them to hire services / buy products from the website, thus making it financially viable. How does the copywriter manage to do that? Exemplary SEO copywriting standards are achieved by properly balancing contending factors like Benefits vs. Features and Copy vs. Content. Most websites focus on features rather than benefits. However, they should always remember that benefits would appeal to the emotional needs of the prospective consumer and be more effective than features in selling services. So although features are a must, benefits should be given equal importance. The features are more company centered while the benefits are essentially addressing the consumers. It’s “YOU” and addressing “YOUR NEEDS” that sells.

The web copy motivates consumers to act and buy, but clearly it is the content which forms the bulk of any website. The copywriter lures the consumers with flashy designs and catchy headlines of the copy, but informs and educates the prospective clients with solid content. Therefore, the zany style must be balanced with an informative background.

The primary step to writing good copy is to identify the niche audience and to use their jargon and buzzwords. This creates an impression in the mind of the customers that they are being personally addressed which gives the services a human touch. The personal connection is often overlooked, but without it any website is doomed from its inception. Excellent writing skills must be supplemented with quality researching skills, so that the researcher can easily identify the needs of the hour to popularize the site at the least possible time. Copywriters also need to have a grip on correct grammar & spelling, the products they are writing about, effective advertising methods, and a thorough understanding of different cultures.

Along with these traditional skills, modern times are adding extra burden on copywriters, asking for additional competence in HTML and basic web design. A copywriter with the aforementioned skills easily holds the edge over others and actually can perform the dual role of copywriter and designer, or at minimum, provide valuable input on the theme of writing of the site and thus provide constructive criticism to the designer in a team environment.

Finally, copywriters must be interested in reading, writing and advertising, and should have a creative mind. The continuous pressure of meeting deadlines makes it imperative for copywriters to be organized and deliver under pressure time and again. Self-confidence holds the key in the making of a copywriter.

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