Link Building

Link Building

Did you know that Google and Teoma place the highest emphasis on link popularity when it comes to indexing a site? This basically implies that if other similar sites link to your site, the chances of your site getting indexed are better. Increasingly, link building or link popularity is becoming an important part of web marketing strategy but there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration.

Choosing the right sites to exchange links with is a vital part of the link building process. Indiscriminate link farming is more likely to harm your website than improve its ratings. Getting linked to by sites that are completely unrelated to yours may not be very useful at all. It is important to get links from pages that are read by the audience you want.

When you are building link popularity by linking to a site, be aware that you are lending credibility to their content. Make sure you’re comfortable associating with a site that you link to or you may end up putting off visitors or customers. When it comes to paid links, do a cost-benefit analysis by figuring out how many visitors will come solely from the bought link.

We are fully equipped to help you maximize your link building potential. Whether it’s tapping into branded verticals and specialty directories, getting targeted traffic through relevant websites, or finding out who your competitor links to – our link popularity campaign can make your web presence more solid, more effective, and highly visited!

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