Search Engine Ranking

Getting a high search engine ranking means making sure your website gets listed as one of the top results returned by a search engine. Getting a high ranking at major search engines is essential because this is what will drive large volumes of web traffic to your site. Over 86% of Internet traffic originates from search engines and directories. In other words, you just can’t afford to ignore search engine ranking if you want a successful e-business or online presence.

What most people don’t realize is that it is not enough to add a few Meta Tags and submit your site. To begin with, your site must be rich in content. The best way of attracting search engines is by packing your site with good, effective copy that provides substantial information and sells your product or service at the same time!

The second step towards achieving high search engine rankings is search engine optimization. This involves focusing on well-chosen keywords that web users are likely to use while searching for a site such as yours.

These keywords should be reflected in the title, description, and keywords tags as well as in alt tags and through the actual copy of the site. It is also important that you submit your site to the right search engines and directories, explore link building and link exchange options, and look at other web marketing techniques that will help get targeted traffic.

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