Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission refers to getting your site listed by search engines. This is not the same thing as getting a high search engine ranking because that depends on various other factors such as effective search engine optimization, link building, and whether or not the search engine considers your site relevant and useful for web users.

Whether you are running a commercial web site, a hobby or personal web site in your own time, or a site for a non-profit organization, there is no point in having it if no one can find it. And this is exactly what will happen if you do not get listed by major search engines.

Getting your site listed with search engines is not as simple as it sounds. Because of the pace at which the Internet is evolving, search engine submission can be a complex subject. The best way to ensure that your web site gets listed by all major search engines is to use professional search engine submission services.

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ACES can submit your web site to all major search engines and a number of minor ones using the latest search engine submission tools. Our professional services will enable you to speed up the listing process considerably and ensure that you get targeted search engine driven traffic to your web site.

Before submitting your site to search engines, we can make sure that it is “prepared” with effective keywords and a suitable description. Most search engines will not accept web sites that do not have descriptions, or make exaggerated claims about their products or services. We make sure that your description serves as a marketing pitch without offending search engines.

Search engine submission is one of the most important steps in making sure that the world hears about your business. Contact us today to learn more about our search engine submission program. Click here to view our Internet Marketing Plans.

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