Social Media Management

“Social Media” is perhaps the biggest buzz word on the internet these past few years. You understand its importance and recognize the potential. You are aware that for the sake of your business, you will have to partake in it.Social Media Marketing

But your biggest challenge is finding the time to organize your social marketing efforts, execute plans, manage accounts and monitor results. When it comes down to building successful marketing campaigns, social media marketing is a unique and particularly rewarding endeavor that has helped many businesses rise from rags to riches .

Who we are

We are a Social Media Agency that specializes in social media marketing services for small businesses by working within their niches, budget, goals and expectations. If you allow us to handle your social media management, you can get back to doing what it is that you do best – running your business.

What we do

We connect you with the right audience across social platforms.

  1. Gather Data and Information

Success in social media marketing starts with listening. So, we gather relevant information through conducting an initial social media audit to assess your reach and listen to how people are talking about your brand.

  1. Build a Plan

The information we’ve gathered will help to serve as our basis in developing a plan that outlines an intelligent approach to social media marketing and highlights design and marketing goals.

  1. Create and Customize

Using the information gathered, we will create and customize profiles and brand pages, and develop a design with your marketing goals in mind.

  1. Execute

Satisfied with the settings and design? We then take you live on social channels! But we won’t leave you dry. Our relationship doesn’t have to end there.

  1. Develop Content

Content is not king. Seeding the content is. We will develop branded social media content to help you grow communities, activate your followers and turn them into loyal advocates.

  1. Manage and Monitor

Social media marketing is not all about getting the message out there. You must listen to the responses, analyze and then engage. It needs daily management and monitoring.

Our Social Media Services include:

  • Social media audit
  • Facebook custom page design
  • Facebook marketing
  • Twitter marketing strategy
  • Twitter account management
  • LinkedIn account management
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Youtube account management
  • Youtube advertising campaigns
  • Google+ profiles & Brand Pages
  • Blog/Content marketing
  • Social media monitoring & reporting
  • Social media reputation & Crisis management
  • Social media brand management

An Overview of Our Social Media Services:

  • We develop unique, branded social content matching them to your business’ branding & voice
  • We provide full social media management services
  • We design custom-built Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages and profiles with background, cover and profile image
  • We engage and interact with your audience on behalf of the company

Schedule a FREE consultation for our Social Media Marketing services or email us the details of your project to receive a quote.